About Us
After twenty years in the moving and storage industry, we recognized a significant need for consumers particularly the senior community to have access to an experienced, informative and knowledgeable resource for packing and moving well before they moved. Likewise, corporations and educational institutions have long sought a reliable, cost effective management service experienced not only in office and employee relocations, but moving claim resolution as well. My MAD Packers is an award winning Move Management Company providing full service move management, claim resolution and packing services for your home and office.
Why Choose Us
Armed with a career of industry expertise, we now share some vital information regarding your estimate, negotiating rates, insurance options and choosing a mover. Our affordable packing services, our industry knowledge combined with our cost saving tips will have you shouting from the rooftops. We know moving and we want you to know it too! Move smart
before you move!
For over twenty years, we’ve been guiding families through the complexities of a move. We’ve packed, created “To Do” lists, took photographs, inventoried collectibles, scheduled appointments, made calls and even walked a few rambunctious dogs.
Inside Scoop
We’re going to tell you everything that we know and everything they’re not going to tell you. We took lots of notes along the way and we’re ready to share all the tips and secrets.
We’re committed to saving you money. My MAD Packers offers several options for packing, including some great suggestions that will keep costs down. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive our packing services can be.

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